Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Om Infotec, protecting your privacy is one of our primary concerns. We respect the privacy of our visitors. The following states our policy regarding collection, use, disclosure and distribution of information.

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully before using the website or sharing your personal information. Your use of the website entails and implies your acceptance of the terms laid out herein.

We only accept the information that is willingly submitted to us by you. Taking into consideration, the privacy concerns of users, we provide you the option to use the website without disclosing your personal information. You may also avail the option of sharing only restricted data as per your comfort and convenience.

We respect the trust of our users and safeguard their personal data, exercising utmost confidentiality. Personal information such as your name, contact number and email address are protected with the assurance of no leakage to third parties.

Collection of Data:

We collect personally identifiable information about you via the forms that you fill up on this website or by placing cookies in your computer’s hard drive as you browse the website. This might happen when you:

  • Visit the website
  • Post comments on our blogs
  • Subscribe to us

The server may access the cookies collected in the hard drive of your computer when you visit the website again so as to recognize your device, display webpages as per your preferred display settings including layout and font sizes, help filling out forms quicker by auto-filling details that you have recorded in the past and identifying returning and unique users.

We assure the removal of your details from our databases if requested by you, though, we hold the rights to use the information provided by you for promotional activities. We respond to your requirements spontaneously and take all necessary steps to keep you satisfied with our policy.

We take your privacy very seriously and never sell your personal information to any third party.

Any information provided by you is only used for ensuring better services for you through data that is securely stored on our servers.

Contact Details:

Your email address and phone number that you provide to us on the contact us page is used to share crucial information regarding your query, projects, payments, marketing material etc. with you. Once you are added to our mailing list, you are sent promotional messages and other information from us and related partners. However, if you do not approve of this, we give you the liberty to discontinue from this service, by removing your contact from our database. This holds true for our associates as well.

Card Details:

Details regarding your credit and debit cards are used securely for processing purposes only. We neither store this data nor do we give it out to any third party authorities. Details like billing address are however reserved for client concerns in the future.


Disclosure of Information under Special Circumstances:


Following a certain set of rules and regulations, some sections of customer data may be revealed in the advent of a written approval on your behalf, an order from legal jurisdiction, social welfare and for the protection of our rights.

Changes in Policy:

Please note that the subsequent changes in the terms of privacy will be updated on the website regularly. Your use of the website indicates your acceptance of the prevailing terms and any subsequent changes therein. It is therefore advised that you read through these details carefully and further check this page at regular intervals for any updates.


It should be understood by the client that the use of the website by the user entails and implies the acceptance of terms of use and privacy policy listed on our website. If you require further assistance regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

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