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Pay per click (PPC) is an excellent marketing strategy that gets traffic to your site as soon as your campaign begins. It allows you to target specific demographics, and see how each of your campaigns is performing. Here at Om Infotec, as proud Google Premier Partners, we exceed Google’s highest performance targets, as we receive exclusive training. This implies that we can guarantee you the highest ROI. PPC is a method of advertising that gives you value for your money. Pay per click depends on the title; you only pay when someone actually clicks on the advert and visits your website. Payment allocation, time and amount rest in your hands so that you avoid overspending.


How does PPC work?

PPC works by accurately identifying the key words that potential customers use while searching for your product, service or brand. Our Adwords management experts work with you to research and identify those keywords. We then bid for those keywords on your behalf so as to create highly targeted ads around those keywords.

Our PPC creation and management process includes the following:

  • Researching your market first and then finding out the right keywords and key-phrases
  • Writing innovative and targeted adverts to ensure maximum click through ratios
  • Creating targeted, convincing landing pages for each campaign
  • Analyzing how each change impacts your campaign performance and making the necessary changes required to eliminate and adding keywords according to performance
  • Increasing or decreasing cost per clicks required to maximize your ROI
  • Focusing on the ads/terms that convert the most cost effectively
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