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Mobile responsive web design is what makes your website compatible across various browsers and devices. We at OmInfotec provide you with affordable, creative and responsive web designs that work well and look good on all screen resolutions and sizes. Our world nowadays is witnessing a faster rate of information transmission owing to easy availability of the internet and the growing number of mobile phones. So, if your business has not invested in the enormous scope of growth by making use of this opportunity of providing your visitors with a website that is mobile-friendly, you should definitely consider to develop a responsive website. Responsive website design implies that the same website will be tailored for various devices that scale according to differing sizes


Why Choose Us?

As a renowned website design agency that possesses considerable expertise and technical talent for delivering web solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients, we keep abreast with the latest technologies to create an enriched experience for mobile devices. We prioritize your needs, time constraints and business objectives that results in a hassle-free and fulfilling experience for our clients. We are focused on quality and are committed to deliver that exceeds our clients’ demands and expectations.


Flexible Grids: Making use of flexible grids that adapts the website for diverse screen sizes and orientations.

Images and Layout: Images are customized in a way that they scale flawlessly without disturbing the layout

Compatible for Different Views: Different views adapted for different environments, using CSS media queries.

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