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Business Card Design

While everything is going digital these days, a good business card is still a viable way to get your business noticed. The more flashy, innovative and creative your card, the less likely it is to be tossed into the proverbial pile of business cards and forgotten. Most business cards, as we observed are identical. The difference lies only with the usability of the design tools, card selection and customer service. We at Ominfotec far exceed our competitors in the print quality and style. If you have any design in mind then great, or else leave it to our experts and let them take the responsibility to represent your class. We provide exclusive Business Cards design created by our professional team and personalize them with your details. There’s a range of Business Card templates to choose from too, with the option of uploading your own logo. If you need a logo as well, then look no further and check out our Logo Section.


Why Choose Us?

1) Print Quality : The best Business Cards stand out because of the clarity of the finest pixel printed on it. They have a finish quality which never gets old to look at. The best of the finish, be it a Gloss, a UV spot or a Foil Stamping finish, the more you score on print quality the better are your chances to score an unbeatable impression.

2) Selection Choices : After print quality the next decider in the game is the selection of the components viz. Paper type, shape and the weight. With Ominfotec you can choose from a variety of special materials such as magnet, linen, cardstock and plastic. The strength of the card decides the life it will hold. Going through everyday wear and tear. We provide you a wide selection choice of weights to choose from.
Now when you are through with all of it, then comes the shape which takes an important place. Whether to go for a Square one, or a Rounded Edges shaped card we give it all. Choose from a range of more than 10 shapes.

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